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Phoenix Sentry
Thermal Dehydrator

The Phoenix Sentry was designed as a better way to manage poultry mortality—a way that is cost-effective, clean, efficient, and 100% biosecure.

The Phoenix Sentry thermal disposal system uses a high-tech sterilization process to create organic powder from deadstock. Instead of incinerating carcasses, storing them in freezers, or composting, you can immediately dispose of deadstock in a unit that won't risk transmitting disease from mortalities to healthy chickens. This protects your operation's biosecurity, reducing the likelihood of a pathogen outbreak. It also keeps groundwater and soil safe from contamination and eliminates odor.

Easy to Use

Benefits of
Proper Mortality Management

Enhanced Bio-Security

Biosecurity means having the proper tools to manage and prevent disease-causing agents from posing a risk to humans and animals—something that is crucial in the industry. The Phoenix Sentry is the most effective tool for maintaining this control and increasing your level of biosecurity.

Discarding deadstock and turning it into a clean, usable 100% organic powder that can be used for fertilizer and compost is quick and efficient. Unlike other methods of disposal, such as freezing or composting, our thermal disposal system works fast.


At every turn, we are responsible for protecting the world around us—especially when disposing of mortality from daily operations. With only the release of water vapor, the Phoenix Sentry allows you to avoid water, ground, and air contamination while protecting the environment. It's a solution you can feel good about.

Quick, Efficient Process

To be productive, you have to have processes in place that align with your goals. Disposing of one TON of deadstock in a matter of hours is a much more efficient practice than the commonly used composting process — about 30 times faster.

It is this speed of disposal that can improve your bio-security and environmental-friendly practices.

A Cost-Effective Solution

Many solutions may present themselves as great options for business, but they are terrible for the bottom line. The Phoenix Sentry is different. It eliminates the energy usage necessary to run incinerators and freezers, greatly reducing operational costs.

Moreover, the Phoenix Sentry consumes minimal energy with a typical electricity consumption of around 110kW per 1000 lbs. of mortality.

The Phoenix Sentry Difference

Boost your productivity level and reduce operational costs with the Phoenix Sentry thermal disposal system.

This pathogen-free process is efficient, clean, and straightforward. It will keep the rest of your flock healthy while minimizing your impact on the surrounding environment and reducing costs.

Make the Phoenix Sentry part of your daily operations. Load the unit at the end of the day and let it run so you can start your morning fresh.

That's the Phoenix Sentry Difference.

Sizes Available

Phoenix Sentry 200

  • 200 lb. capacity
  • 50-amp Service
  • 220-volt – single phase

Phoenix Sentry 1300

  • 1300 lb. capacity
  • 100-amp Service
  • 220-volt – single phase

Phoenix Sentry 2000

  • 2000 lb. capacity
  • 160-amp/100-amp Service
  • 220-volt – single-phase or three-phase

Our Clear Commitment
to a Sustainable Future

At AgriTech, we are focused on building a better tomorrow that benefits our chicken growers and the world around them.

Thanks to the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP), investing in our thermal disposal system and implementing cleaner, more efficient practices in your everyday operations is extremely cost-effective.

Phoenix Sentry provides a cost-effective, sustainable, eco-friendly mortality management tool that can improve your operations while allowing you to take advantage of these incentives.

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Thermal Disposal Systems

Use a sterile process that kills all viruses and bacteria in a matter of hours. That means you don’t have to keep expired birds on your property while you’re accepting new chicks. And you’ll stop contaminants from spreading to your flock, the soil, or local water supply. This way, you’ll stay on top of your biosecurity requirements, so you can protect your flock and your operation.

Start the cycle at the end of the day, and it’s done by the morning. No more waiting for nature to take its course, or for someone to remove carcasses from a freezer. No more emptying, cleaning, and refilling bins. Instead, you’ll save time, labor, and cost, so there’s more left over for other areas of your operation.

Just fill the machine, choose your desired level of dehydration, press a green button, and you’re good to go. The cycle runs independently, and the byproduct is removed automatically. There’s nothing complicated to learn. And no bulking agents, or vendor schedules to manage. You’ll cut one more thing off your list—without sacrificing biosecurity—so you have more time for the details that matter. 

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(PS2000 is similar, just bigger)