Thermal Disposal System

Animal mortalities are an unfortunate part of agriculture. Listening to the concerns of chicken growers, we designed a better way to dispose of carcasses that is clean, efficient, and 100% biosafe.

A Texas Company based in Austin, AgriTech was formed by agriculture industry experts and technology experts with experience in implementing technology in fragmented industries. 

Our team includes members with experience in the Texas Department of Agriculture, multi-generation farming family members, and our farming and technology partners in Israel who first developed the technology in the world’s agriculture technology hub, the Jordan Valley.

The AgriTech Thermal Disposal System creates organic powder from deadstock through a high-tech sterilization process.  Instead of incinerating carcasses, storing them in costly freezers, or composting in a bin, you can immediately dispose of deadstock in a unit that works so fast, you won’t risk transmitting disease from mortalities to healthy chickens.  This protects the bio-security of your operation, reducing the likelihood of a pathogen outbreak. It also keeps groundwater and soil safe from contamination and eliminates odor.

The Agritech Thermal Disposal System is easy to use.  Transfer mortalities to the unit set it and forget it – unlike in-vessel composting, there is no need to add supplemental sources of carbon to support the composting process. 

AgriTech’s Thermal Disposal System uses advanced thermal sterilization technology making it the only solution that is 100% bio-safe.

Find out why countless animal production operations across the country are making the switch to The AgriTech Thermal Disposal System.

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The Thermal Disposal Difference

  • Increased Bio-Security - AgriTech Thermal Disposal Systems bolster bio-safety. Deadstock is immediately discarded, not frozen or left to decay in a compost bin. Pathogens are destroyed by advanced thermal sterilization technology, leaving you with a clean byproduct perfect for use as fertilizer.
  • Better for the Environment - AgriTechs’ Thermal Disposal System eliminates the water and ground contamination caused by other forms of mortality disposal. Unlike incinerators, AgreitechUSA does not release smoke into the air––only odorless steam.
  • Faster - Hours Not Weeks. That's all you need to turn 1 ton of deadstock into pathogen-free compost. This is 30 times faster than in-vessel composters. No more disease-carrying scavengers or breeding grounds for bacteria. The system lets you continue to dispose of mortalities year-round, regardless of the temperature.
  • Cost-Effective - If you're using incinerators or running freezers 24/7 to contain mortalities, the low cost of running the AgriTech sterilizer will lower your operating budget.


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Thermal Disposal Systems

Use a sterile process that kills all viruses and bacteria in a matter of hours. That means you don’t have to keep expired birds on your property while you’re accepting new chicks. And you’ll stop contaminants from spreading to your flock, the soil, or local water supply. This way, you’ll stay on top of your biosecurity requirements, so you can protect your flock and your operation.

Start the cycle at the end of the day, and it’s done by the morning. No more waiting for nature to take its course, or for someone to remove carcasses from a freezer. No more emptying, cleaning, and refilling bins. Instead, you’ll save time, labor, and cost, so there’s more left over for other areas of your operation.

Just fill the machine, choose your desired level of dehydration, press a green button, and you’re good to go. The cycle runs independently, and the byproduct is removed automatically. There’s nothing complicated to learn. And no bulking agents, or vendor schedules to manage. You’ll cut one more thing off your list—without sacrificing biosecurity—so you have more time for the details that matter. 

Thermal Disposal

What makes the AgriTech Thermal Disposal System different?

Traditionally, growers have disposed of animal mortalities using incinerators, freezers, bin composters, and in-vessel composters.. Each of these methods has significant drawbacks, including the risk of contagion, scavengers, odor, and cost of labor. Thermal Disposal revolutionizes deadstock disposal, using proprietary thermal sterilization technology to speed the process and destroy pathogens. No odor, no scavengers, and no more worries about what to do with your animal carcasses. Compared to in-vessel composting units, AgriTech is:

  • less expensive to run and requires less labor
  • the only solution that is 100% bio-safe
  • 30 times more efficient than in-vessel composters
  • able to reduce waste by half, a reduction six times better than the leading competitor
  • a turn-key solution that’s ready-to-go as soon as it’s delivered
Does the AgriTech digestor produce an odor?

Our digester produces no odor, only odorless steam.

How long does the process take from start to finish?

The AgriTech Thermal Disposal System can process up to 2000 pounds (2 tons) of animal mortalities in a matter of hours.

Can the AgriTech Thermal Disposal System be used year-round?

The AgriTech Thermal Disposal System operates in even the coldest temperatures. Being able to run year-round keeps growing operations cleaner and safer.