Here's why growers across the country are choosing AgritechUSA over other mortality management solutions.

It's Sustainable

There is no deadstock disposal option that compares to AgritechUSA when it comes to being eco-friendly. Our sterilizer was tested for three years by Israel’s Ministry of Environmental Protection and determined to be eligible for its green subsidies program.

It's Clean

There’s no mess and disease-carrying scavengers won't be attracted to your facility looking for food. Unlike incinerators, Agritech sterilizers do not pollute the air with smoke and ash; in fact, they only emit odorless steam.

It's Fast

When animals die, they need to be disposed of quickly to prevent contagion among other poultry and livestock. AgritechUSA processes up to 2,000 pounds of carcasses in a matter of hours. This is 30 times faster than competing composters.

It's Safe

The AgritechUSA sterilizer uses thermal sterilization technology to reach temperatures high enough to kill all pathogens present in carcasses. This enhances the bio-security of your facilities, protecting against contagious disease.

It's Year-Round

You'll never have to worry about storing mortalities on-site until its warm enough to dispose of them. AgritechUSA can be used in the coldest winter temperatures.

You’ll Get Unparalleled Support

We provide all of our customers with extensive training and documentation to help you install and use the sterilizer. We’ll work closely with your team to ensure a seamless implementation. When you need support, we’ll be there – that’s our commitment to you.