Animal mortalities are an unfortunate part of agriculture. Listening to the concerns of chicken growers, we designed a better way to dispose of carcasses that is clean, efficient, and 100% biosafe.

Our thermal sterilizer creates organic compost from deadstock.  Instead of incinerating carcasses, storing them in costly freezers, or composting in a bin, you can immediately dispose of deadstock in a unit that works so fast, you won’t risk transmitting disease from mortalities to healthy chickens.  This protects the bio-security of your operation, reducing the likelihood of pathogen outbreak. It also keeps groundwater and soil safe from contamination and eliminates odor.

The Agritech sterilizer is easy to use.  Transfer mortalities to the unit, set it and forget it – unlike in-vessel composting, there is no need to add supplemental sources of carbon to support the composting process. 

AgritechUSA sterilizer’s advanced thermal sterilization technology makes us the only solution that is 100% bio-safe.

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